Virtual reality on the rise among online casinos

Virtual reality, as a fairly new medium, triggers lots of false associations with many people. In reality, it is already being used widely in the medical and entertainment industry.

With many devices, such as the Oculus Rift, spreading out to the consumer market, the hardware already exists in many households. With a high price of about 350 dollars, the equipment mostly appeals to the hardcore gamer or tech lover rather than the traditional or casual gambler right now. As soon as the prices of virtual reality glasses come down, even casual gamblers will probably purchase the gadget; if there was an added use other than gaming and gambling.

Virtual Reality gaming

The virtual casino is already here

Companies like SlotsMillion have already put a lot of effort into transferring their online gambling interface to the three-dimensional virtual reality experience. In them, the gamer is able to choose from a variety of settings, such as the 80th floor of a Gotham-esque utopian version of a modern skyscraper. You can walk around, use the one-armed bandit and have a real Casino experience, with graphics you’d expect from a high-end video game.

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New crossovers

With small innovative start-ups on the rise, the lines between gambling and gaming have become more blurred in the last decade. Gambling-related features in mobile game apps and 3d games in online casinos have brought up the question where each genre ends. The introduction of virtual reality in online casinos wouldn’t make the lines between them much clearer, but they would further enable developers to connect the different qualities of gambling and gaming to give the user a more diverse experience.

Furthermore, a more immersive, gaming-like experience would benefit the online casinos extremely. As users explore the virtual world, there is a more intuitive approach to choosing your game and getting acquainted with the rules.

virtual reality casino

Traditional gambling in danger

With such realistic and immersive forms of a Casino experience, the traditional Casino industry might be in danger. If they manage to break into the market they would reach the millennials, whose lack of interest in gambling the industry giants have long bemoaned.


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