Dragons and Bikinis soon to be released by Microgaming

With chinese new year around the corner, Microgaming is launching 2 new titles for both mobile and desktop devices

Lets start off with some dragons shall we?

The first game we looked into is called Dragon dance. Now, Chinese new year is just a week away and someone should probably have mentioned to Microgaming that it is the year of the monkey that we are going to celebrate, not dragon. Mythological dragons are of course way cooler than simple primates so i guess it’s fair enough.

How about the game then? Dragon dance will be a 5 reel slots machine with 243 different ways to win. The colours are very bright and red as we would expect from a game that is launched to celebrate the chinese new year. It is still too early to give this slot a real review but we will try it out properly once it is released February 8th.

This next game is really crawing for attention

Bikini party online slots is a beach themed game with cartoon girls in bikinis. Is Microgaming reaching for low hanging fruit with a pretty shallow and kind of sexist theme? Pretty much yes. But, as we all know, sex sells. Even though we att kappaslots.com are not particularly impressed with the theme there is always a group of gamers that will find these kind of games interesting. We will of course try it out, once released and give it an honest review. Bikini online slots is a 5 reel game with, just like Dragon dance 243 ways to win.

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