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Welcome to, the best online casino reviews site on the world wide web. We are avid gamers and casino players who love the thrill of slot games. We have gone through all casinos and their games thoroughly to be able to write fair and unbiased reviews.Our casino reviews and ratings are based on the following criterias: dices

  • Customer support
  • Game Selection
  • Deposit/Withdrawal methods
  • Graphics/Layout
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Security

We at KappaSlots have backgrounds in marketing, programming, design and are all around internet savvy people. That means we appreciate software and websites that runs smoothly, even on slightly older machines and most importantly of all, the games must look good. We put a lot of effort into testing casino games on multiple criterias, among these are:

  • Graphics and sound
  • Bonus and free spin features
  • Device resource requirements
  • And of course overall game feel and excitement

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The casino market is growing at a really fast pace and there are numerous amounts of new online casinos and games being introduced every month and this is the site where you will find them first.

Every game you can find at is thoroughly tested on multiple devices and rated fairly by our team of game testers.

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Traditional Casino

 Why are Online casinos better than traditional casinos?


If you have ever been to a physical casino, you might remember the feel of luxury, atmosphere and excitement in the air when you enter the building.

This feel is of course hard to replicate in the online world and there is absolutely nothing wrong with spending a night or a full weekend at a casino resort partying and gambling with friends.

We do however want to point out the lack of bonuses you would get at a physical casino. There is no physical casino that would give you an additional €1000 worth of chips when you buy €500 worth of chips, so at online casinos you get a lot more bang for your buck so to say.

What devices do we test casino games with?

To be able to provide you with the best possible reviews of slots and casinos, we have a set of different devices to try out games on. The devices we use are fairly mid range when it comes to memory and cpu power, to reflect the average casino gamers hardware. If you are experiencing performance issues when playing, most video slots have a settings option to adjust graphics so you can have a better gaming experience.

A Macbook air for a nice casino evening in the sofa

macbook air casino review laptop

When trying out casino games with laptops our test computer is a 13″ Macbook air from 2012, so it is not a power house machine, but rather a decently solid all purpose laptop. This will also help us find out if the slot game we are testing is extremely hungry on memory or cpu resources.

An iPad air when you need some casino excitement while sitting in the… Admit it! We all do it! ☺

ipad mini casino test device

For the mobile casinos we have two test devices. The first is an iPad mini for testing tablet versions of the mobile slots. We are using the first generation iPad mini so we can determine if the game has problems with somewhat older devices, since not everyone can or want to always buy the latest gadgets among slot gamers.

Vibe shot when you want to spin some reels while commuting

lenovo vibe shot casino test device

Lastly, to try out the true mobile experience of a casino we are using a newly bought Lenovo Vibe Shot Android mobile. It is a really nice and decently priced phone with 5 inch display, which is pretty much standard these days when it comes to smartphones.

Just a side note, The camera on this phone is freaking awesome, so if you are an Instagram junkie or generally just like snapping a lot of photos we can really recommend this phone.

Playing responsibly at online casinos

We all love online casinos just like you do. We do want to point out to use common sense and not to set yourself in financial hardship when gambling. It is easy get drawn into the thrill of the game and forget about time and your bankroll when playing online.

So our recommendation is to take breaks occasionally, especially if you are on a losing streak. We all run into bad streaks and it is part of the game, so don’t gamble with money you cannot afford to lose is the point we want to make.